Contains white pages, yellow pages, reverse phone and address searches, and area and zip code information.

Profiles for 179,000 cities, towns, neighborhoods and subdivisions.

A comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms.

Country codes and international area codes for calling abroad.

Contains 90 million white pages listings, 10 million yellow pages listings, reverse phone lookup, international directories, and a toll free number directory.

Vital statistics, population, health indicators, and more.

Electronic versions of American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Columbia Encyclopedia, and other online literature.

Search the contents of an encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary and both the TIME and ESPN almanacs.

Collections of poetry, classic fiction works, nonfiction works, as well as reference works.

Publisher Information online for searching and browsing.

Contains 14 searchable and easily comparable versions of the Holy Bible.

Search for 800 or 888 phone numbers.

Detailed career information profiles.

A collection of sites sorted into easy-to-use subjects.

Business statistics, financial ratios, and more.

Compares the value of an amount of money in the past with the present or with another time in the past.

Budget, savings, paycheck planning, college, business, credit card and automobile calculators.

Cooking, geometry, physics, engineering, or any kind of conversion you need.

Offers resources for some of the most commonly used citation styles.

Collection of geographic and other reference information.

Search for common errors in the English language.

Trends in American public opinion.

Formats your MLA citations for free.

Contains data on 136 population, health, and environment variables for more than 220 countries, 28 world regions and sub-regions, and the world as a whole.

William Strunk’s Elements of Style.

Browse by author or topic.

An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend.

Search by name, phone, or agency.

An encyclopedia on the history of Chicago.

A nationwide residential and business phone directory.

Explanations of what words mean.

A fun and graphic map that teaches kids how to research.

Weather, gardening, cooking, remedies, managing your household, preserving the earth, and more.

An integrated site of white, yellow, trip planning and e-mail directories.

Statistical data from over 70 federal agencies.

U.S. Census Bureau official site.

Use for hard-to-find and elusive information.

Access more than 6,000 images and see words visually.

A database of secret phone numbers and codes that immediately get an actual, live person on the line for customer service.

Which of the noted celebrities of our time are with us, and which ones have passed away.

Definitions of sentence parts, rules for comma usage and other punctuation marks, plurals, possessives, capitalization.

Online encyclopedia written collaboratively by its users.

Editions of the U.S. Census Bureau publication from 1878 to the present.

Guide to TV, Movies, and the Internet.

Zip code boundaries.

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